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Posted By Misty Soderberg / June, 4, 2012 / 4 comments

To tweet or blog or NOT to tweet or blog… that is my question?
Apparently, in this day & age of technology, it is a necessary part of our social networking & state of being. But, I must be honest with you… I’d rather be sculpting!!! I’m really a rather private person who already doesn’t feel like she has enough time for her own work, being as I also work full time for someone else. But I shall try my best to get with the times in full stride 🙂 It will give me a break after all to reflect on life as an artist & other quandaries! (That is why I love hiking!) So, for now this is me saying “Hi” to a world I’m seeing through a computer screen & more to come…

Misty C. Soderberg, Artist

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  • Cynthia Richmond

    Hi Misty!
    Congratulations of creating your website! It’s beautiful. Can’t wait to come to the Art Expo in January, that will be exciting. Sculpt on woman! 🙂
    Love, Cynthia

  • Steve Voloudakis

    I am so proud of you Misty for getting your website up and running. I am really looking forward to the art show next year. I know others will love your art as much as I do. I think you are so talented and cannot wait for others to see and enjoy your sculptures. I see a bright and successful future for you.

  • Heather Soderberg

    Seester….must blog more!!! Lol!! I would love to see some of your sculptures in progress!! And the stories behind them! You are brilliant, we want to see your creative process and this blog is perfect for that!! I would love to see some photos of you sculpting too! And the hikes you and your fiancee 😉 go on!! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!!! I loooove you Sis!!!!

  • Diane Hohmann

    Hi, Misty!

    This blog is cool… although I’m with you regarding your quandary about spending the time on this. I hope your priorities hold true; sculpting, hiking, “you” time, and then blog time. It will be fun to “hear” your thoughts on occasion!

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